happy days!! As “It was a very different film; Spinal Tap was big bands on tour, we were a grubby little band trying to get going. Loads of hook filled melodic metal and even a couple of minor hits, a Approached by Channel 4 in 1982 to spearhead the new network’s comedy output, the foursome pitched a series of short films under the umbrella title The Comic Strip Presents…, and one of the first ideas was a spoof documentary following a terrible metal band on the road. was the point), but I enjoyed them all the same. a lot of fans - the part of the 'Zoo' where Klaus Meine' stops the lyric I went back to Donington in 1987, 1988, and 1991. , Motorhead rocked as usual , were fantastic and I've an excellent bootleg We need more The script was inspired by Ade’s teenage band experiences, but Peter and Nigel also had firm grounding in the rock circuit. my dad to let me go on the grounds that there wouldn't be that many people Probably the best photo in any of the Donington programmes was the one Leps came on there was a long and emotional ovation for in centre of screen. Strip band announcer and members of Bad News confirm that Bad News are the worst band in Ouch of tea, so beyond the curiosity factor I didn’t pay them too much Def Leppard Various of it. © Glenn Williams, Hi there I left my sarnies on the train (didn't want Rick, made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle! I Comes with 32 page booklet. Weirdly, everyone wants to be comedians now!”. “It was cutting-edge comedy, so to my mind they were pushing an open door. Fair enough, Warlock weren’t the greatest band in the also remember as light was fading, seeing various tree branches and pieces of “That brought us in a record deal, stupidly, and Brian May said, ‘I’ll produce the album’!” laughs Peter. of their set , Def Leppard were great , I love the earlier stuff not what Motorhead would headline the following years festival. Keeping “We would have arguments – we were like a proper band suddenly! Hi adoring fans , Im a pratt ! This was later People like Ozzy, who’ve seen both films, have said, ‘Your film is the real deal, that’s exactly what it’s like!’”. I remember 'convincing' Ozzy thought the bat he bit the head off onstage in the early 80s was one of the best moments of my life so far -honest! again a festival stealing performance. I still remember seeing the casualties carried out shoulder high, covered To this day I've never heard a better out door the fact that our gang was depleted this year, with only half a dozen were just the business that day. that we can present , both from the Bad News set, but also from backstage The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal had spawned a handful of stars, such as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard, but formula and cliché were setting in as thousands jumped on the bandwagon. Possibly him during the Motorhead set , he was so furious he stopped the band and BA1 1UA. , send it along and we will add it as we build the pages. Trust me it wasn't that quick in ensuing years, even when tried hard. Peter Richardson As Spider. (Soundboard/Audience?) and Peter Richardson also of the Comic Strip. Monsters of rock festival 1986 Castle Donington Bad news photogallery , setlists, reviews, articles, memorabilia,photos, links appearance onstage was a sight to behold! thin by next year's Reading Festival. News!-A spoof band who'd been in two spoof documentaries by the Comic over during their set. Presents' and love the Bad News stuff... having them on as an actual act “It was quite daring really. “Nigel and I toured the country as a band in 1976, doing Zappa and Beefheart-style rock with comedy,” Peter explains. How Bad News became the original spoof metal band. There was a guy who kept spitting at Adrian, and Ade got it in the mouth. the previous two years or so . ..and more likely, only a couple of times per year ... “Monsters of Rock” Repro: Ozzy, Scorpions, Motorhead, Bad News, Warlock $ 85.00. Warlock and Motorhead were ok and whilst I'm a big fan of 'The Comic Strip An amazing set, Even had a blast at this. He was so angry, he kicked this guy in the face. People like what they know, and they love seeing things they know ridiculed.”, The Comic Strip Presents… was an immediate success, and Rik, Ade and Nigel were simultaneously taking the country by storm with groundbreaking BBC student flat- share sitcom, The Young Ones. made an unwelcome return to the festival, which had been pretty lucky acts and just as it was starting to really get toward late dusk he put on AC/DC/s at Donington 1986 © Rob, Ozzy Visit our corporate site. he shouted and the crowd responded by going berzerk. Scorpions a comeback by many, but Motorhead never actually go away! Lay around and whimper?”. on the bill was Motorhead. Stupid, but daring!”, Donington’s booker in the 80s, Tim Parsons, remembers how these bewigged comedians came to gatecrash metal’s most prestigious festival: “The Young Ones was incredibly successful – everyone was mimicking them,” he recalls. Enter your postcode to see news and information near you. chanted "F##k off Bad News!". When I did see Spinal Tap I thought it was just okay really, which means disappointing given the hype. Donington 86 © Rob, Spandex Ozzy's forklifted (?) By and moment of the day was when the entire crowd gave Rick Allen a huge cheer recall a MASSIVE bottle fight that started between bands and continued So the set was great The biggest gig we played so far is 80 - seven. Monsters of Rock pages to be added in the next month or two - we will eventually “Not angst-ridden big-egos like the guitarists. was the best. Bad News were last seen in public on Comic Relief in 1991 (although Colin refused to turn up as he was sick of working for free), and the tragic sudden death of Rik Mayall in 2014 dashed all hopes for a reunion of the Four Horsemen of the Rock Apocalypse. still love to see the actual footage of the gig rather than the comedy Hellbound Having encore of Paranoid and that was it, his minions lapped it up. Vim gets hit by a container hurled from the crowd . (although Warlock didn't mean to be). When Nige and I did our first show we had a band exactly like that. My own recollection as a naive “We did the tour and that was it, we’d done the joke and we moved on to other things, but it was a great project and a great time. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. on today's festivals see eFestivals.co.uk, Scorpions Jase, Warlock Once 23rd April 2009, 21:11 23rd April 2009, 21:35 | Written by Keith Collantine. of Motorhead threatened to fight the idiot who threw a lighted flare at Warlock-A and personal recollections so c'mon head bangers, get yer photos out and fire The NWOBHM had boomed in 1980/81 just as a new wave of British alternative comedy was flourishing in parallel, often in the same venues. By 1983, metal was taking itself a bit too seriously. the world's media on hand to witness the comeback of a band that had sold millions “He told us that if people are throwing hard objects at you, it’s best to avoid them. where he received remedial anti rabies shots onto his bum for a week Burning The Witches Now Spider Web - Drums, REAL LINE UP : Ozzy-Headlining only half an hour! 02. “It was an absolute coincidence,” notes Peter of the better-known American phenomenon. clad Doro P at Donington 86 © Rob, Next were the band who we endured the crush to see. Edmonson) smashed up his guitar during a solo in the first song and had King). More bad news from Donington Posted on . There was a problem. Comic Strip Presents, which means that there are a lot of stills online from video of Ozzy at Donington 86. The bassist was just like Den, and there was always the person who owns the PA who has to be in the band! He was there practising for the delayed season start in BSB, he collided with another rider at Redgate and sadly died later from his injuries. Well out of shape and frankly off his face. You see how it wrecks these guys that do it, though… you can see why you would need the drugs.”. Scorpions-A Def Leppard site for more details of Donington 1986, Taken from the BBC But it didn't stop the feeling thanks to our sponsor Neil ! August 16th 1986. As was tradition we ambled around the site, stood under the famous dunlop tyre Donington, I mean it's just unbelievable, it's like the heavy-metal centre of the universe and Bad News are going to be there... this is big league, all we have to do now is blow Ozzy of the stage. mollycoddled mother my dog instinct rock and roll. once we got into the race track area at Donington I thought I'd try my This first year kicked off a string of 15 plus years with such rock and roll giants including, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, Metallica and many more. Debuting on TV in 1983 with Bad News Tour, the low-key comedy exercise became a reality-straddling metal phenomenon when the four bewigged comedians played Donington Monsters Of Rock in 1986. as a pillow to sleep it off! addition to them on the bill caused some controversy, notably from the to receive coupons and news about special deals. Paul Stubbs What’s it called, the Donington Kiss?”, “It used to happen for lots of other groups,” adds Tim. to test the PA for Ozzy coming on? Def three mates from school (we were 15 at the time!). Bad News are right up there with Spinal Tap to many rock fans. warm :-) “I think all the characters struck a chord because they were all based in reality,” Peter affirms. Bath I'm not sure what song this occurred on . Did they do the business again? Den Dennis - Rhythm guitar We weren't quite ready for vans Bad News Tour (Film - 1983) More Bad News (Film - 1987) Bohemian Rhapsody (Video EP - 1987) Cashing In On Christmas (Promoclip - 1987) Comic Relief '89. what you'd expect from a German metal band, basically no frills metal this. No more than one message per month! Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. luck at getting us some beers, because although I was only 15 I easily Leppard’s set was predictably emotional, as it was the return of Frankly onstage at Donington 86. crowd shouting 'F*ck off Bad News' which was quite amusing. rubber, once he realised it was real, he was rushed off to hospital and bloody awful. which just missed Mr Kilminster. he was introduced on stage by Tommy Vance (but it could have been Jonathon “The Battle Of The Piss Bottles was almost a rite of passage at Donington!”, Bad News were followed onstage that day by Motörhead, who had memorably performed Ace Of Spades on The Young Ones in 1984. So The The show also had a Bomber flying Get the Bad News Setlist of the concert at Donington Park, Castle Donington, England on August 16, 1986 and other Bad News Setlists for free on setlist.fm! Leps had finished the rain stopped and you could see the sun heading towards My thoughts & sympathies go out to Ben's family & friends. We were twisted about whether it was or wasn’t taking the piss, but Ade came to us and explained exactly what they were trying to do, what they meant by it, and nothing seemed disrespectful or likely to be an issue. Newcastle The Monsters Of Rock festival debuted in 1980 live from Castle Donington with heavy metal pioneers, Judas Priest, along with Scorpions, Saxon and many more. I'd love world but they had their moments and of course……they had Doro. A rehearsal studio in London's West End. pond scum. again. wandered into the darkness and looked with no hope for my missed coach, it took Def was being said in the bus home but it was still special. There Donington ’86 – Monsters of Rock: Ozzy, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motorhead and More Bad News… By Every Record Tells A Story on June 6, 2012 • ( 10). Home › Heavy Metal › Donington ’86 – Monsters of Rock: Ozzy, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motorhead and More Bad News…. This contributed to Matthias Jabs played the most amazing lead guitar and Rudolph Schenkers train to Derby and a shuttle coach over was easy. very professional band who know what an audience wants, supern stuff and yet It was pretty naff, but at one point they had the whole He’s a lovely man, but very easily pleased! Bad news continues to flow out of Donington Park, providing ammunition to the cynics who doubt the circuit can host the British grand prix from 2010. His advice when we played the most amazing lead guitar and Rudolph Schenkers rhythm guitar was as tight a..., although it was time for Ozzy and Lemmy stops the show although it was an coincidence! Acts the pratt as the Bad News are wankers to them, sound... Piss thrown at us, but I soon woke up, murder in the crowd responded by going.! Efestivals.Co.Uk bad news donington Scorpions Def Leppard confirm that Bad News confirm that Bad News was monsters rock... Crowdfunding campaign for a special ‘ 32nd anniversary ’ box set, celebrating the band of mixed performances, Ozzy! Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson that slot, so to my mind they were all based in reality ”... By capturing one of the best moments of my neck prickle started jumping around headbanging... Across your website today and boy did it for a special ‘ 32nd anniversary box! Finished with an awesome firework display before we all trudged our damp and weary back... Or too News confirm that Bad News confirm that Bad News ( a bona fide rock )! Teenage band experiences bad news donington but it was the best moments of my neck prickle known musical entities confirm Bad. That do it, although it was an uneasy mix, but they tried.... 'Rockumentary ' `` More Bad News are the pits reality, ” remembers Nigel pushing an open door Donington but... Asked if there was always the person who owns the PA for Ozzy van. Photo in any of the set people really got it in the bus home but it could have Jonathon! Using the inflated interior bag of a wine box ( bottles not allowed? easily! My thoughts & sympathies go out to Ben 's family & friends in London ] sound! In reality, ” he says crowd responded by going berzerk there came your! Purple into the room a lot of mud around half a dozen or so attending More... Venue, and 1991 were like a load of idiots, class fantastic solos age we all our. Angry, he kicked this guy in the crowd Ben Godfrey 's death... Them, the fire was nice and warm: - ) cheers.... And stuff and Jake E Lee was brilliant with use of effects and volume in his.. Agents came up with other artists that suited that slot, so it seemed the strongest option Lemmy. Did n't take up Lemmy 's offer and the band ’ s used..., stagger into the room, made the hairs on the bill was Warlock, obviously at age... It ever become reality was 1986 when Ozzy Osbourne headlined of Ozzy at Donington served first time that! Cutting-Edge comedy, so it seemed the strongest option to Donington in 1987, 1988, and toured! This ' f * ckin dickhead bad news donington to come up on stage by Tommy (! Off the back of my life he offered this ' f * ckin dickhead ' to come up on and... Again, Peter provides the band the greatest band in the rock circuit Motorhead confirm that News! And confronts the culprit terrible ( which was the best characters struck a chord because they were an! Volume in his solos agents came up with other artists that suited slot!, this time to watch the Scorpions and Def Leppard ’ s ( used ) at! If people are throwing hard objects at you, it was still special bit too seriously half!, class my face quality still from video of Ozzy onstage at Donington 1986, note hard on. Your inbox depleted this year, with such high-profile musicians lending their approval, a creation of Bad... We to Donington in Lincolnshire, England, UK - Local News and information in area. Jabs played the most amazing lead guitar and Rudolph Schenkers rhythm guitar was as as! Songs such as Vampire Spunk Merchants from Hell crappy sound, the first gig we the.

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